What is Rent-to-own?

A No Credit Check and instant approval program. 

In the event that you do not have the funds to pay the full amount for a building, but can afford low monthly payments, Rent-to-Own may be the option for you!

Rent-to-Own gives you the option of owning the building in 24-36 months or less!


Early Pay Off

Can I pay off early?

You have the option of paying the building off at any time during the contract without penalty.  You will receive a 40-45 percent discount on any remaining payments that are not past due.


Quick Delivery

How do I get started?

It's simple!! You select your building, complete the contract and pay a 10% security deposit of the total building price. Your building is then delivered to your location. You will then submit your monthly payments to RTO of America.


Monthly Payments

 How much per month?

$1000= $50.50

$2000= $101.01

$3000= $151.52

$4000= $202.02

$5000= $252.53

$6000= $303.03

*Price does not include tax.

It's simple!! In just a few steps, you can be approved for your building!

Download and complete our RTO (Rent to Own) form.

Email the completed RTO form to todd@tntstoragesheds.com